3 Reasons to Print Your Photos!

April 13, 2018  •  1 Comment

Kansas city Northland Family Photos It typically goes down something like this:

Child: "Mom! I need a picture of our family to take to school for a project!" or "Mom! I'm Star of the Week and I need a picture of me to put on our board!"

Me: "Ummmmmmmm............"

North Kansas City Northland Family Photographer

I have a confession: I don't print my photos nearly as often as I should. But the reality is that I WANT to get better at this! If you're like me, and feeling a little wistful that you have hundreds and hundreds of photos sitting on your digital devices, but NOT on your walls, take heart. Let me share with you my top 3 reasons why you and I both should be printing our photos.

Reason 1: Our families make the most beautiful and valuable artwork.

I don't think you'd disagree that there is absolutely nothing more meaningful to us than our own families! So, sure, we can spend our time adorning our walls with the latest and greatest from Magnolia Market (because WHY wouldn't we???), but what if we ALSO decorated our walls with artwork that could never be replaced: photos of the people we love most.

North Kansas City Northland Family Photographer

Reason 2: We have the opportunity to create our very own "Memory Lane."

Some of my very favorite memories involve sitting around boxes and boxes of old photographs and taking a trip down memory lane. Maybe it's an afternoon of reminiscing for fun, or maybe it's poring through photographs after a loved one has passed away, looking for pieces of their history and story. Think about it: in a digital world, how exactly will our own kids go down memory lane? Every single day, hard drives fail, computers crash, and phones get replaced. I want to give my kids something tangible to pass down; I want them to have the same experience of revisiting  old memories and reliving history the way that I have loved so much.

North Kansas City Northland Family Photographer

Reason 3: I want to show my kids how loved and valued they are.

What better way to display my love and adoration of my kids than to plaster their faces on my walls! Every time I hang a new photo of my kids or of our family, the response from my kids is the same: pure joy and excitement. They feel special and treasured when we proudly put them on display! I want my kids to know that they matter and that they have a place and purpose in our family and in our home.

North Kansas City Northland Family Photographer

These reasons are certainly more than enough to motivate me to print and display more of my photos! How about you?

As parents, we come to understand in a very tangible way just how quickly time goes. I love the way photos can freeze moments in time for us to hang onto and revisit forever! Booking a family session is the perfect way to document your family and capture these fleeting moments that you can never get back. I would love to be a part of telling your family's story! Contact me here for more info!


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wow..very nice.nice snaps.feeling nostalgic while going through these photos.photos are always a memory reminder.it shows a clear picture of scenario in our mind.thank you so much for sharing.
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