Dear Mom of a Tween Girl...

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Dear Mom of a “Tween” girl,

This is such a powerful and vulnerable time for your daughter. I can only imagine what it's like for you to watch her as she navigates this pivotal point in her childhood. I remember when I was that age… The growing up, and the trying to answer the question “Who am I?” The pressure to fit in threatening daily to rob me of my own sense of self…

I remember all too clearly the murky waters of that time in life… In fact, that is what prompted me to write to you.

You remember it too, don’t you?

The searching… hoping you had it right… the wistful looks in the mirror, wondering if you fit in, if you were beautiful, if you were enough.

Stop for a minute, and imagine the impact of being able to help your daughter see TODAY that who she is is indeed enough.

The I AM… Portrait Project was created to empower young girls in a season of life where they often feel vulnerable, insecure, and unseen.

Together with your daughter, you will identify a word that describes the best of who she is, and I will capture this trait in a series of honest, real, fine art portraits of her, highlighting her true beauty and giving her a tangible and visual reminder of the very best she has to offer: Herself.

No glam, no fuss.

Just her… As she already is.

I know you already see it in her… NOW is your opportunity to help her see it in herself:

I am beautiful. I am strong. I am unique. Smart. Funny. Fearless. Curious.

I am…… The possibilities are endless.

Don’t wait. Let’s start a movement… a tribe of young girls who look no further than their own reflection to find the identity they are searching for.

Will you join me? Click below to learn more.

Click Here to Learn More About the I AM... Portrait Project



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